1. inneroptics:

    Marek Piasecki.

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  5. Terry Reid - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)


  6. shaq-demarco:

    Up out of bed at three and I feel like I’m dying. But if she’s there next to me, then there’s no use in crying.

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  7. Pete Doherty - For Lovers 

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    growlers - empty bones

    clash - white man in hammersmith palais

    violent femmes - add it up

    moldy peaches - steak for chicken

    johnny cash - cocaine blues

    handsome ned - steel rail blue

    nobunny - red light love

    headcoatees - come into my mouth

    like - wishing he was dead

    standells - rari


  9. modestmook:

    Cherry Glazerr - Trick Or Treat Dancefloor

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  10. inneroptics:

    Jerzy Lewczyński

  13. glamidols:

    Lou Reed live in Paris, 1974.

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  14. jitterbuglove:

    HQ photo

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  15. my muse

    i found her in quiet corners
    where i thought i was alone

    i found her in empty bars
    in between the city and all of it’s parked cars

    i found her weeping
    on a sidewalk of some city park,dressed all in black
    cursing the day she met the devil

    i found her
    at the end of bottle
    met her again with 11 of her friends

    i found her 

    at the end of a line

    and realized it was too late

    i found her 

    dancing in the dark

    i found her
    getting high in some shitty park

    i found her
    getting loose with her friends

    i found her
    sitting on a couch

    i found her
    waltzing the fine line between sanity and depraved ignorance

    i found her
    tucked in a book

    i found her
    screaming for attention in the grocery store

    i found her
    kissing boys and wanting more

    i found her
    prouncing on sidewalks as if the ground would crumble beneath her

    i found her
    dismissing poets

    i found her
    calling my bullshit and i’m on all fours

    i found her


    i found her